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Meet The Board

Board of Management

First Choice is managed by a highly professional and committed Board of Management elected from the shareholders of the Association at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Board give their time on a voluntary basis. The Board meets periodically to determine strategy and policy, monitor performance and ensure that the Association makes the most effective and efficient use of resources to achieve its objectives. Certain matters are devolved to Committees, as follows:

Scrutiny Committee
Human Resources Committee


The Board of Management has overall responsibility for the Association whilst day to day control is delegated to the Chief Executive.

This includes making sure standards are met and that the Association is accountable and open. It also sets the strategic direction of the Association.

Our Board Members

Geraldine Buckland
Chair of Board
Matthew Wilde
Vice Chair of Board
Emma Morgan
Chair of HR
Walis George
Chair of Scrutiny Committee
Holly Evans
Board Member
Edwin Jones
Board Member
Louise Howells
Board Member
Gordon Brown
Board Member
Steven Williams
Board Member
Sian Evans
Co-opted Member


Our Board of Management has signed up to the Community Housing Cymru Charter for Good Governance. The Charter was developed by CHC to enable its members to demonstrate a visible commitment to good governance.

Through adherence to the CHC Charter for Good Governance, First Choice is committed to:

  • Placing existing and potential service users at the centre of our work

  • Have in place practical mechanisms to achieve accountability to tenants, residents, potential tenants and residents, shareholders and all relevant stakeholders,

  • Communicating openly about all aspects of the organisation, including strategic direction and purpose, values, standards, performance and how complaints can be made.