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First Choice has a dedicated housing management team.


The team is responsible for tenancy agreements, rents and service charges, and tenant participation.


Tenancy agreements


  • We issue tenancy agreements to new tenants

  • We end tenancy agreements for tenants who leave their First Choice home

  • We deal with any issues where tenancy rules have been broken

  • We deal with Anti-social behaviour

  • We inform tenants of their rights and responsibilities as a First Choice tenant

  • We deal with complaints


Rent and Service Charges


  • We send out rent notification letters to tell tenants and local authorities of annual rent increases.

  • We monitor changes to service charges claimed by tenants’ support providers.

  • We deal with rent arrears (money not paid) by housing benefit or our tenants.

  • We deal with rent repayments. This includes setting up repayment plans if needed.




We have meetings every year with our properties, local authority partners, and support providers. to check everything is ok at our properties and with our services


  • We have Annual Housing Management reviews at all our properties

  • We have Service Agreement reviews with Support Providers

  • We have Support Agreement reviews with local authorities

  • We work in partnership with local authorities and support providers




Our housing management team gives training to support providers. Training includes:


  • Eligible service charges

  • Tenancy rights and responsibilities

  • Housing management and maintenance issues


We also hold training sessions for tenants on their rights and responsibilities.

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