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Working with us: The Benefits

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing (2).png

We care about the health & wellbeing of our team and recognise our high quality services and success as a landlord comes from our staff. 

Because of this, we ensure that everyone on the team has the opportunity to develop and maintain a healthy mind, heart and body.

Medical Care

Individual health cover within the private healthcare sector


Working Hours

So you can work around  personal appointments


Working Hours

Gym Membership

We provide up to

£25 per month

towards your gym membership

Away Days

Annual activity days to try out a new skill with the team

Health Screenings

Annual in-house health screenings

are provided

to all staff

Stress Down 


Annual afternoon away to  take your mind off work


Working Hours

To work around your personal life

Personal Development

Personal Growth.png

Our aim is to help you invest in yourself. Encouraging you to be proactive learn new skills that will help you improve your quality and knowledge of the field. 


Online training and learning to improve your personal skills


We can provide funding towards qualifications that help you do your job


We can offer training and support for your current role


If you don't have all the necessary training you can join an apprenticeship to get you started

Mentoring &


We can offer any training you provide to improve your work situation


Learn new skills and experience that you can bring back to the job

35 Hour

Work Week

So you can work around  personal appointments

Financial Support

Providing financial support for all staff offers peace of mind when it comes to life-changing events, unexpected surprises or even just planning a holiday.



Offering equal to or more than the average salary



Provide funding for the subscriptions related to your job

Critical Illness Cover

Includes Death in Service cover for peace of mind.



We provide a competitive pension contribution

Sick Pay

Paid sick pay and SSP provided if you get sick.

Adoption Pay

To help when you are adopting a child or time off for surrogacy

26 -30 Days


Earning more holidays during your career

Maternity &

Paternity Pay

Pay is given for maternity and paternity


Parental Pay

End maternity leave/pay early so that one or both parents can take leave in a more flexible way

Life Insurance

Additional financial support when needed. 

Interested in Applying?

If you would like to join the team. You can find the availability here: 

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