Staff Introductions: Dan

Dan the new compliance officer for FCHA

Hi Everyone, my name is Daniel and I’m the Compliance Officer for FCHA. I have been doing this job for just over a year but I have worked for First Choice for over 3 years now, starting in the Customer Services Team.

My role involves arranging safety checks for things like your gas and electric supply and your fire alarms. These things are really important to keep your homes safe for you to live in.

One of the ways to help us maintain your home’s safety, is to carry out a weekly fire alarm test and record the results in your fire logbook. Doing this will help find any problems so we can arrange for our Fire Safety contractors to come out and fix it. You will also have fire fighting equipment like fire blankets and extinguishers. It is also important that you check these for signs of damage or to check that they have not been used already. If you see any signs of damage or the safety pin is missing it is important that you call or email First Choice Housing as soon as possible so we can arrange for them to be replaced.


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