Water Butt Giveaway for Tenants

Water butts are a simple method for collecting and storing rainwater.

Picture of a water butt similar to one you would receive.

First Choice is offering free supply and installation of water butts to our tenants at the first 50 properties that tell us they want one. Complete the online form here, Answer a few short questions and attach a picture of where you would like your new water butt installed – and we will do the rest.

Water Butts Application Form

Why a water butt?

picture of some flowers being watered.

The UK is often wet but sometimes in the summer we still have to be careful about using too much water when it’s very hot and dry. So, we need to think how to keep our gardens green without just turning on taps.

If you’ve got a water meter, a garden water butt will save you money. They are good for the environment. Your plants will thank you and rainwater is free from chlorine and treating agents found in tap water


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