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Meet the Team: Electricians

Winter 2022 saw FCHA recruit 2 new electricians to help develop the electrical systems at tenant properties and in the head office here in Cardiff.

The Team

Electrician Ciaran

Ciaran is our new electrician. He has worked in the social housing sector for a number of years carrying out electrical maintenance and condition reports.

Apprentice Electrician Tina

Tina has also joined the team as the Apprentice Electrician. For the past 2 years she has been at college completing electrical installations. She will be working to assist Ciaran on site and to further her skills to become a qualified electrician.

What will they be doing?

Ciaran and Tina's main role will be helping FCHA achieve their goal of becoming carbon neutral. This will involve installing energy monitoring equipment into properties to analyse energy use and environmental monitors to provide data on the conditions of the properties. They will also be equipping some homes with smart technology to give tenants control over their homes and help reduce energy use.

Tenants and Digital Tech

Here are some quotes from tenants in Swansea who have had sensors and smart technology added to their home. These tenants have also been provided digital equipment to help them reduce their energy costs and allow them to be more digitally included.

The FCHA Van

New to FCHA are the vans! These new vehicles will allow some staff to get the work done at tenant properties more effectively. Ciaran and Tina will use this to install smart devices in tenant homes or help with electrical issues.

We encourage all tenants and staff to get a photo in front of the FCHA van if spotted outside your home. We encourage all tenants to send photos and stories of their experiences with digital technology to go in our Newsletter. All entries have a chance to win a voucher from us!

Tenant standing in front of the FCHA van
Here's one tenant standing in front of the van!


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