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6 reasons to visit a National Trust site this year

We have been awarded a special pass from the National Trust that will allow First Choice Tenants to visit any National Trust site in Wales free of charge. You don’t even need to pay for your parking! This pass allows groups of up to 50 people to attend any National Trust site.

Here are 6 reasons why First Choice Tenants should visit a National Trust site before the offer expires in November.

First Choice have the pass available for all tenants across Wales, Shropshire and Telford, so please contact if you are interested!

Phone: 029 2070 3758

1. To help with your exercise or wellbeing goals.

Whether you want to get out in the fresh air more or to see how far you can push yourself on a walk, the National Trust sites are the perfect place to do that!

Walking keeps our bodies and minds healthy, giving us a breather from the stresses of daily life and the space to gather our thoughts. Exploring open countryside also brings us closer to nature, giving us time to notice what being outdoors has to offer. You can read more about the health and wellbeing benefits here.

2. Creating or joining a group for Photography or Wildlife Spotting

If you enjoy taking photographs or love to spot wildlife, the National Trust sites are definitely some of the best places to put your hobby into practice.

The scenic routes throughout Wales might inspire you to get your cameras out and take photographs. Maybe of the sun breaking through the trees, or taking a selfie in front of the rolling Welsh hills.

We know there were many Tenants who took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch event in 2021. Tenants made a note of all of the birds they spotted nibbling at their bird feeders in the Autumn. Now is the perfect opportunity to take those new bird spotting skills out into the countryside!

3. To meet friends and family outdoors.

Up to 50 people are allowed to attend the National Trust sites so why not take your family and friends? There are some lovely places for a cup of tea or a picnic.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your loved ones too! COVID-19 has stopped us all from doing the things we enjoy and seeing the people we care about. Using the National Trust pass is a good way of bringing people together.

4. To learn about the history of the site.

Some of the National Trust sites are home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the UK. There are many opportunities for you to take a guided tour to learn more about the history of the place.

Each tour doesn't take long and will help you understand what these buildings were used for many years ago. You can also walk through the gardens and beside the rivers.

5. To join in with some volunteering.

Help look after a community garden, allotment and orchard by joining the Friends of Felin volunteering group. Sessions run every second Saturday of the month and welcomes anyone from aged 14 and above. Join one of National Trusts' clean ups and help give the estate a good tidy up by collecting rubbish and checking for any damage to the signs and gates. If you’ve joined one of their active groups, take things one step further and help out on sports volunteering days, where you can help to restore the pathways to ensure they are fit or many more trainers to walk, run and jog along in the future. If you’re looking for a great way to spend your time, there are a range of regular volunteering opportunities, from welcoming visitors in the house to outdoor conservation in the garden and on the estate.

6. Because more and more sites are accessible!

Although some of the walks may be more difficult if you have issues with your mobility, a lot of parks are improving their accessibility. This means that Tenants with wheelchair requirements and other needs will have access to a number of these beautiful sites. Why not use the pass to experience what’s on offer?

If you search on the internet for a National Trust property or site, you will find their ‘Access Statement’ on their website. These Access Statements help people to understand the facilities available and help people to make their own decisions about visiting. The National Trust is developing their accessibility and making improvements. This means that more people with a disability should be able to enjoy the sites and have a more positive experience.

If you feel like some exercise, you can find a full list of the National Trust accessible walks here:

So which of the 6 reasons are you most interested in? Let us know!

Phone: 029 2070 3758



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